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May 17, 2011

Spanish Emancipation

Women of the world, emaciate!


Emancipated is the state of being free to take responsibility for one’s own life and decisions.

Emaciated  is the state of being extremely, unhealthily thin.


    Emancipation may apply to a single person, or to a large group of people. It is associated with two primary social/political movements: the Emancipation of the Slaves, and the Emancipation of Women. Slaves were freed first.

Freedom from slavery and freedom from socially imposed limitations illustrate two forms of emancipation: freedom from bondage and freedom to vote.

Both are related to civil rights overall. Slaves and anti-slavery crusaders pressed for the rights of black slaves to be declared full human beings, rather than property. Women and their supporters fought for the right to vote, in addition to the right to be declared full human beings.

Notice that slaves and women both had to plead with men for emancipation. That’s one way to remember the difference: “eMANcipation.”

    That Girl Looks Emancipated!

Kids can be emancipated too.

A judge determines whether a minor is capable of handling the responsibilities of adulthood despite not having reached the legal age of emancipation in the jurisdiction where they live. An emancipated minor is freed from the feeble illusion that his parents have control over him. If he asks the judge to “emaciate,” him, he is probably not ready.

Emaciation can be a symptom of a person desperate to control something in their lives, or a result of a person being under the abject control of another. For instance, anorexics may starve themselves because they see eating as one of the areas in their lives they can control.

    A Starving Man Is Not Free

Hunger strikes are a favourite tactic of extreme political protest, particularly if the media play it up. Starvation is an age-old weapon of war, whether against other nations or one’s own citizens.

Nazi death camps are among the better-known locales of deliberate emaciating. Dictators in such nations as Sudan, North Korea and Stalinist Russia have reduced their own people to skin-and-bones in the name of one doctrine or another. Media moguls dictate how thin women must be in their industry.

Most people, given the chance, could be both emaciated and emancipated at once.


Freed slaves

Famous emancipated people:

  • Spartacus
  • Lionel Nathan Rothschild
  • Frederick Douglass
  • Nellie McClung
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • MaCauley Caulkin

Thin model
Famous emaciated people:

  • Bobby Sands
  • Senator Jacques Hébert
  • Karen Carpenter
  • Mohandas Gandhi
  • Chilean miners
  • Kate Moss


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