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What’s the Difference?

May 15, 2011

Faith-based healing

Oh, no!

too much makeup

Let’s face it – English can be a confusing language.

Having evolved from many sources, over many centuries, the language retains clunky, confusing remnants of its jury-rigged past. These are difficult to keep straight, even for native speakers.

It’s no wonder that folks learning English have such trouble with subtleties like affect/effect, freeway/highway and slut/bitch. Then there’s the everyday butchering of perfectly good words: epic, impact, random, sick.

“What’s the Difference” posts will bring clarity to these confusions, with an edgy directness that should keep these forever affixed in the mind.

What’s the difference between…

Neil deGrasse Tyson/Mike Tyson

Medieval/Middle Ages






Crusades/Spanish Inquisition

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