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Lohan’s Valentine Wish for Sheen

February 13, 2011

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan may spend Cupid’s big day behind bars in Los Angeles, but it hasn’t kept her from offering advice to another celeb rumored to be entering rehab.

Sources close to Lohan say she has been peppering Charlie Sheen with tweets and FB private messages for days, all with the same plea: Make my Valentine’s Dream come true; let me be your Sobriety Coach.

Lohan pals say the starlet has become obsessed with helping Sheen, whose life and career took a nosedive recently in a well-publicized drug-and-booze fueled emotional and physical meltdown. This, on top of other highly publicized accusations from prostitutes, strippers and skanks, that Sheen is a sex freak who enjoys twisted sexual escapades that include bondage and masochistic acts.

Her gal pals suggest one reason Lohan is so focused on Sheen these days is that she had a reading by a Hollywood astrologer, which indicated a strong link between her and Sheen.

Both have their suns in Mercury, which explains why they are constantly in legal trouble.
With Venus in the House of Aquarius, authority figures are, of course, significant factors in their lives. Her lucky number is 23, the same as Charlie’s, according to her numerologist.

In addition, a healing medium sought out Lindsay to warn her about some alarming visions she had while using a dowsing tool in an unrelated matter.

Swinging a pendulum over stick-figure drawings of Lohan, portraying Lohan as either sad, burning, shocked, drowning, or yelling, the medium had what observers describe as “frightening” visions of the Lohan stick figures. The stick-figure event was apparently so shocking and unsettling that none of her confidantes would reveal details, or provide specifics.

Before her most recent incarceration, Lohan sought dating advice from other young stars, including Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Degeneres, Anne Hathaway, and Oprah, according to a source. Awards show season is always hard on Lohan, her friends say, because it coincides with her biggest failure — being pulled over driving drunk by LA’s finest.

Lohan and Sheen have not officially been linked romantically, but onlookers have observed their similarities. Some say pals have tried to hook up the troubled stars, but neither will confirm the details of their relationship.

This Hollywood gossip blurb is a test, just to find out what kind of readership this kind of nonsense generates, and how easy it may be to capitalize on “trends.”

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  1. silveyheartly permalink
    February 13, 2011 11:33 am

    “Make my Valentine’s Dream come true; let me be your Sobriety Coach.”..Truly Priceless!

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