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Things I Learned From the Slash Autobiography

October 19, 2010

  • His mother dated David Bowie.
  • Even if you’re shooting up in friends’ washrooms, your drug-addled band mates think you’ve gone too far, and you’re grinding up oxycontin pills to top off the heroin and booze — you can tell your wife she has to go into rehab.
  • Slash shot-up a music buddy, who overdosed and died a short time later. He’s still miffed about the way some folks “pointed fingers” of blame at him.
  • If you get so wasted that you wet yourself while passed out, leather pants are a better clothing option than jeans, because you don’t get cold and there’s no obvious stain.
  • Rock stars have a horrifically lax attitude about STDs.
  • Character actor Seymour Cassel (he was in Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums) gave Slash his nickname.
  • After the one time he was made to pay for the damage, Slash stopped destroying hotel rooms.
  • If a band mate cums on your leg, it isn’t really gay — as long as you’re boffing the same girl. Even if you are wearing black nail polish.
  • Slash dated a porn star for a month and never got to second base with her.
  • If he hadn’t been at the right place, at the right time, Saul Hudson would be just another  junkie.

Just another addict?

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